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E-commerce platforms - E-commerce website creation with basic or advanced functionalities
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sales area
The BASIC package supports the management of shipments and payments within one single country of your choice.

For the ADVANCED and EXTREME packages there are no limitations (unless they are expressly requested).
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The BASIC package is in one single language throughout the site. Texts and contents of the static pages are provided by the customer.
The ADVANCED and EXTREME packages extend the frontend (public) and backend (administration) to other languages. Apart from the service texts (menus, commands, e-mail texts) all the others are provided by the customers - otherwise any translations can be provided on request.
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professional hosting
All our e-commerce sites are hosted in our servers which provide professional and reliable hosting.
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online payments
All our packages integrate the PayPal system, which enables payment through the main circuits supported for your country (i.e. VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Postepay), with extension to other systems (e.g. BancaSella in Italy) on request.

Besides the online payments, all the packages enable payment by bank transfer for cash on delivery.
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discount management
All the packages enable autonomous management of discounts based on quantities, discount periodic campaigns and purchases combined with certain products. For particular needs (e.g. discounts by product category or customer category) specific modules can be developed.
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graphic project
The BASIC package provides a standard layout that can be customized using different colour charts and including the company logo.

For the ADVANCED and EXTREME packages we create the complete, original graphic projects which can be personalized in every detail and are agreed with the customer.
  template   custom   custom
product / image quantities
There are no limits to the amount of products, categories and images that can be inserted in any of our packages.
However, with regards the images, there is the limit imposed by the available space on the disc (see the section), and the maximum size for each image is 18 MB. There are no size limits to the database.
  unlimited   unlimited   unlimited
stocks management
The BASIC package does not allow managing stocks, only flagging the product as in- or out-of-stock..

The ADVANCED and EXTREME packages allow total stock management, with numerous configurable options (e.g. personalised messages and limits according to the quantities, information about minimum quantities, etc.).
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shipment cost calculations
The BASIC package includes certain standard automatic calculation procedures for the shipment costs during checkout (by quantity, weight/volume, percentage of the total, fixed price).

The ADVANCED and EXTREME packages provide completely personalised management of shipment costs (e.g. by destination, product category, price bracket and all the possible combinations).
  standard   complete   complete
use of different carriers
The BASIC package provides management of just one carrier, which all the shipment costs are linked to.

The ADVANCED and EXTREME packages allow including an arbitrary number of carriers/shipment methods (e.g. standard, express, 24h), each one can be configured with the personalized expenses.
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invoicing management
The BASIC does not provide invoicing management.

The ADVANCED and EXTREME packages integrate a totally automatic and configurable invoice management and creation system.
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report creation
In addition to the normal administration functions, the EXTREME package integrates an advanced reporting system, which provides continuous and complete monitoring of all the site activities, from advanced sales statistics to sales with each single customer, from the search keys to the comments, reviews and tags.
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The EXTREME package also has the default option of flexibly linking one or more files (usually documents and technical charts) to the single product or more products with no waste of the disc space.

This option can also be activated on request for the ADVANCED package..
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data export
The EXTREME package provides a complete tool set for exporting data, from any section in the administration area, in the most common table forms that are universally known (.csv, .xml Excel).
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desk orders
Besides the normal order flow managed directly by the site frontend from the customers, the EXTREME package enables managing the offline/desk cases, i.e. transferring all the traditional orders onto the online platform, thereby maintaining a single tracking, warehouse management and invoicing system.
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administration levels
In addition to the standard administration accounts, the EXTREME package enables creating an arbitrary number of access levels to the various site functions, with an arbitrary number of user accounts being assigned to each one. For example, a “full administrator” account, a number of “catalogue-product administrator” accounts, and other “news editor and content input” accounts.
  1   1   unlimited
disk space
All our sites are created using technology to enable natural rapid and efficient indexing in all the search engines. For more complex needs of effective organic positioning, we are able to provide this service on request.
  1 GB   5 GB   10 GB
phone/e-mail assistance
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google analytics integration
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daily data backup
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security updates
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SEO optimization
Tutti i nostri siti sono realizzati con tecnologie che permettono una indicizzazione naturale su tutti i motori di ricerca rapida ed efficiente. Per qualsiasi esigenza più complessa di reale posizionamento organico, possiamo fornire il servizio su richiesta.
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Optional modules

Our development system provides extensive ways of extending the preset packages, both in frontend functions (public site) and for the backend administration functions (CMS/admin) area. We are able to boost your e-commerce site with additional modules to satisfy any specific need.

Below are some of the modules that can be activated or developed on request:
  • News-events management
  • Product demo videos
  • Customer newsletters
  • Integrated blog
  • Survey management
  • Customer service chat room
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter and many more)
  • Extension to other payment methods
  • Loyalty point management (discounts and prizes)
  • RMA management (repairs/replacement)
  • Advanced customer category profiling
  • Advanced discount systems

Accessory services

To ensure an e-commerce site is able to fully develop its potential, the details must never be underestimated.
If you decide to rely on us, we are able to offer you a range of additional services that are important elements to achieve a real top-notch result.

Our experts will provide the following services:
  • Direct photo and video shoots of the company and the products
  • Organic SEO positioning of the site on all the main search engines
  • Organise geolocated web marketing campaigns, PPC promotional campaigns and social media marketing
  • Professional translation into any language of all the tests (frontend, catalogue, backend)

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