Launch a pay-per-click campaign for your event, new product, of you want to achieve immediate visibility.
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Organising a pay-per-click campaign

We can manage the pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) for you in the main search engines, with priority given to Google.

The main advantages from implementing a PPC campaign are:
  • you are IMMEDIATELY present in the search engines
  • predefine a monthly marketing budget
  • determine the geographic area to publicise the announcements
  • determine the publication position in the search engine
  • diversify the publication times for the announcements
  • Determine the contact costs

The management involves:
  • if required, creating a custom Landing Page
  • activating the account and campaign with advanced set-up (BOOSTED CAMPAIGNS)
  • deciding the significant keywords after a specific demand analysis
  • designing marketing announcements to publicise online, both textual and visual
  • fine-tuning of the campaign settings to achieve the maximum results (CRO)
  • presentation of the monthly results

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