Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo... do you find the social network jungle frightening? Let us manage your channels for you!
Enter socialn networks from the main entrance

Marketing campaign on the social networks.

We will extend your online marketing campaigns to the new mass social networks to reach an increasingly higher number of users, distinguished by sex, age, geographic location, etc., optimizing your promotional investments to the utmost.
Campaign management on networks like Facebook and Twitter involves:
  • identifying the target
  • identifying the target users
  • analysing the demand and significant keywords
  • designing one or more marketing announcements
  • optimising the available budget

Multimedia channel management.

Our audio-video section produces your video and spots, and we are able to manage one or more multimedia channels on your behalf, like Youtube or Vimeo, and optimize them for specific keywords. The management of these channels can be integrated with the search engine positioning service for an even more effective result.

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